The Material Ontology of Modern Science

There is an obviousness to the idea that the basic ontology of modern science is  a material ontology, this raises the question of what a material ontology is, what it implies, and in what way it either is or isn’t a viable ontology for the sciences. In looking at variations of material ontology the following… Continue reading The Material Ontology of Modern Science

The Meaning of Christian Eschatology

The Meaning of Christian Eschatology Barth’s Disingenuous Description  Let us be honest: we do not know what we are saying when we speak of Jesus Christ’s coming again in judgment, and of the resurrection of the dead, of eternal life and eternal death. That with all these there will be bound up a piercing revelation—… Continue reading The Meaning of Christian Eschatology

The Origin of Human Evil: Why Belief is the Problem

The Origin of Human Evil Leaving aside natural evil, the evil of interest is that produced by the Self as part of its self-determination.  Having looked at the history of the ontology of evil, the common theme has to do with self-will.  However precisely how self-will can and does do evil, sometimes even unintentionally, is… Continue reading The Origin of Human Evil: Why Belief is the Problem

Worried about the NSA?

I think it’s time to point out that the ‘revelations’ by Snowden about the NSA don’t amount to much more than a ‘snow job’ on the public. What do you do if you can’t break decent encryption, can’t really remote into most machines, and most importantly, have no means of intelligently analyzing the masses of… Continue reading Worried about the NSA?

The Problems with Modern Cosmology

The problems with modern cosmology are multivariate. Worse, each problem appears to create further problems, which implies that the problems themselves are at least potentially infinite. I’ll go through a few of the inherent issues that make modern cosmology self-contradictory. Spatiality as unbounded. Positing spatiality as bounded results in a number of issues that resulted… Continue reading The Problems with Modern Cosmology

A Short Deconstruction of Right Wing Economics

The following looks at the major facets of right wing economics and the reasons they are fallacies and can never work:   Big government is wasteful.   Any large, hierarchical organization will be prone to areas of wastefulness, this is as true of any large corporation as it is of government, in many cases more… Continue reading A Short Deconstruction of Right Wing Economics