The Bank Scam and its Results

The Bank Scam Most people don’t realize how money is created in western economies, and if they are told have difficulty believing it.  Here’s a short version: Since the founding of the Bank of England (a private corporation) money has been created primarily by banks, not by governments.  When you take out a loan, mortgage… Continue reading The Bank Scam and its Results

Natural History as Evolutionary

        Nature as Historical, and Evolutionary           The Hyper-Focus on Evolution in Defending Modern Science   Today the theory of evolution, which is primarily viewed as a matter of understanding the mechanics of evolution, since outside those with either a childish view of reality or a political agenda… Continue reading Natural History as Evolutionary

Ontology of Relations

Ontology of Relations   the notion of a thing is grounded in an insight that grasps, not relations between data, but a unity, identity, whole in data; and this unity is grasped, not by considering data from any abstractive viewpoint, but by taking them in their concrete individuality and in the totality of their aspects.… Continue reading Ontology of Relations

Erotic Being

Erotic Being   Care in the positive sense is a part of our being, but worry is a betrayal of our erotic nature in favor of a thanatic self-absorption.  We are not being-towards-death but being-towards-eros.  Of course death, as certain but indeterminate, may at any time prevent us from actualizing what draws us on, but… Continue reading Erotic Being

The Material Ontology of Modern Science

There is an obviousness to the idea that the basic ontology of modern science is  a material ontology, this raises the question of what a material ontology is, what it implies, and in what way it either is or isn’t a viable ontology for the sciences. In looking at variations of material ontology the following… Continue reading The Material Ontology of Modern Science

The Meaning of Christian Eschatology

The Meaning of Christian Eschatology Barth’s Disingenuous Description  Let us be honest: we do not know what we are saying when we speak of Jesus Christ’s coming again in judgment, and of the resurrection of the dead, of eternal life and eternal death. That with all these there will be bound up a piercing revelation—… Continue reading The Meaning of Christian Eschatology

The Origin of Human Evil: Why Belief is the Problem

The Origin of Human Evil Leaving aside natural evil, the evil of interest is that produced by the Self as part of its self-determination.  Having looked at the history of the ontology of evil, the common theme has to do with self-will.  However precisely how self-will can and does do evil, sometimes even unintentionally, is… Continue reading The Origin of Human Evil: Why Belief is the Problem