Mythos, Religion, and History

I am, which is to say I remain, a Christian, if an odd sort of Christian. I even remain in many ways a theologian, though an odd sort of theologian, as well. The problems theology has had in terms of dealing with historiological studies of scriptural times, places and events has never been something particularly… Continue reading Mythos, Religion, and History

Science and ‘Discovery’

The feature of science most pushed on non-scientists as what defines a ‘great’ scientist is the notion of discovery. Heidegger resurrected the literal meaning of aletheia, truth, in Greek as ‘uncoveredness’, and occasionally science has used that to bolster its claims to be the arbiter of truth, despite Heidegger’s work containing a fundamental critique of… Continue reading Science and ‘Discovery’

The Mythos of ‘Modern’ Science

‘Modern’ science, by which I mean science as essentially mathematical, like other communities has its own mythos, or self-narrative, by which community members identify as such, and understand their roles.  The specific mythos of mathematical science was largely invented during the period known as the ‘enlightenment’, a period that ironically shares many features with the… Continue reading The Mythos of ‘Modern’ Science

Thoughts on “God, Human Memory and the Certainty of Geometry” by Marc Champagne

The Cartesian Claim and the Reproof It seems to me that Mr. Champagne has thoroughly buried Descartes’ claim that an atheist cannot know geometry. However, because the paper remains on a superficial level of insight into the situation, the independent existence of God, whether believed in or not, remains a necessary condition. Thus the claim… Continue reading Thoughts on “God, Human Memory and the Certainty of Geometry” by Marc Champagne

Why Belief is a Problem

It is precisely through belief that we come to the idea that we can determine things to a fuller extent than we actually can. Whether this determination regards the nature of reality-as-a-whole, the nature of god, or a determination of who someone is based on race, gender, class, or any other partial determination, it remains… Continue reading Why Belief is a Problem