Mythos, Religion, and History

I am, which is to say I remain, a Christian, if an odd sort of Christian. I even remain in many ways a theologian, though an odd sort of theologian, as well. The problems theology has had in terms of dealing with historiological studies of scriptural times, places and events has never been something particularly… Continue reading Mythos, Religion, and History

The Most Mysterious of Mysteries

Some will be disappointed by the realization of what I’m referring to in the title. As in, that’s not mysterious, it’s barely even interesting. But in naming it as the most mysterious mystery the double positive is itself neither positive nor negative, but both simultaneously. It is the most mysterious mystery precisely because the reason… Continue reading The Most Mysterious of Mysteries

“What is Not Forbidden is Mandatory”

The title is specifically not a philosophical or even a moral injunction, but a precept of modern physics. Seven Essential Elements of Quantum Physics Consider, then, the correlation to the following quote: “The pre-Copernican image of the cosmos familiar to us from medieval maps pictures the “universe” opened by the fundamental fantasy, wherein guilt is… Continue reading “What is Not Forbidden is Mandatory”