Blog is about anything and nothing in the vein of thinking, thinking of exchange, and the exchange of thinking.

“The most thought-provoking thing in these thought-provoking times is that we are still not thinking.” – Heidegger

Noêsis noêseôs is not self-contemplation, some sort of divine navel-gazing, but understanding understanding itself reflexively, just as we are aware of awareness reflexively. This understanding of understanding arises initially as a revelation of revelation, as intrinsically human.  This revelation of revelation is itself the Event, Ereignis, an event that in different ways also occurred to Nietzsche, Marx, Hegel, Holderlin and Schelling before Heidegger.

ChaosGreekMythology3A representation of the Greek god Chaos. Note the correspondence with the act of exchange and the similarity to the model used in quantum field brain theory.

(image from Chaos in Greek Mythology)


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