The Doctrine of the Four Causes in ‘AI’ Development

in thinking through the relations between the four modes of aiton (cause, but from the perspective of the thing conceived as entelechia, a self-contained unity), telos is both initial bounds and goal, as such it is requirements and their fulfillment, in this it’s intimately related to eidos, which as the outward aspects are the bounds… Continue reading The Doctrine of the Four Causes in ‘AI’ Development

“The God Delusion: Richard Dawkins” ??

Were Dawkins’ “The God Delusion” to have a colon after ‘Delusion’, followed by the author’s name, as in the title above, it would at least have a certain self-irony that could only be taken as intentional (i.e. Dawkins being a delusion of God, rather than Dawkins painfully attempting to make a coherent point in ‘proving’… Continue reading “The God Delusion: Richard Dawkins” ??

Mythos, Religion, and History

I am, which is to say I remain, a Christian, if an odd sort of Christian. I even remain in many ways a theologian, though an odd sort of theologian, as well. The problems theology has had in terms of dealing with historiological studies of scriptural times, places and events has never been something particularly… Continue reading Mythos, Religion, and History