The Psyche as Threshold

The psyche has always been impossible to grasp, so much so that insofar as psychology is rational, which is to say conceptual, it has been forced to drop the very topic that defines it. As such psychology is in is beginning displaced.  Yet the psyche, as the awareness of the self as such, is indisputably not… Continue reading The Psyche as Threshold

“There Is No Invariant”

(title borrowed from “The Heidegger Change”,  by Catherine Malabou) In the difference between the imaginary and the actual, both of which are also real, the Self as individual occurs and recurs, as modifications of the Self. The membrane between our ontic shared everydayness and individual ontological uncanniness is porous, and itself changes as we pass through… Continue reading “There Is No Invariant”

Heidegger and Technology

Heidegger is often characterized as “reactionary”, particularly with regard to his response to technology as a “danger”. What is misapprehended in his response is part of the dissimulation of the very radicality inherent to his thinking, a radicality that appears somewhat obvious in light of his influence on every overtly “radical” thinking since. In terms of understanding this discrepancy,… Continue reading Heidegger and Technology