A Question With No Apparent Path Towards An Answer

The following question has been involved in virtually everything path of thinking I’ve spent time on, yet I’m no closer to doing anything but taking it a an a priori assumption.

What is a relation? We use the concept of relation all the time, in quantum mechanics, even, without relations between the most basic (non) particles the laws of physics don’t come into being, yet what a relation consists in remains obscure. Do relations somehow subsist in a “between”, or is it the relation that first constitutes such a “between’? If the former, what firstly betweens such that a relation may or may not obtain? Is belonging a matter of an existing relation, or do we speak of relations (and betweens) only a posteriori out of a situation of already-belonging?

Am I missing something obvious, or is there is a basic mystery in what appears initially so ordinary?


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