The Problem with ‘Intellectual Property’ and ‘Capital Property’

The problem at the root of any “intellectual property” law is that intellectual property is not a tangible object.  Looking at copyright law (in this case Canadian copyright law) the notion of a tangible objct is inscribed into the law and absolutely necessary for any legal judgement, even though in most cases it is no longer such an… Continue reading The Problem with ‘Intellectual Property’ and ‘Capital Property’


No Republican or Conservative, and certainly no successful one, can properly be a Christian. Christians are, in St. Paul’s rather colourful phrase, “the shit of the earth”, the refuse, the rabble, those that don’t matter, and the few who refuse to disinclude them on that basis. As such Christianity proper is not a specific belief-system,… Continue reading Christianity

The Ontological Capacity and The Problem with the Evidential Argument from Evil

A Response to “VAN INWAGEN’S SCEPTICAL THEIST AND THE EVIDENTIAL ARGUMENT FROM EVIL” by Kevin R. Lewis The difficulty with any argument either pro or con theism that depends on an argument regarding evil, whether logical or evidential, is that the argument hinges on something that is not even properly defined, much less understood. The… Continue reading The Ontological Capacity and The Problem with the Evidential Argument from Evil

Modeling versus Coding

Once we had enough memory that we no longer needed to commit atrocities in the name of space efficiency, state still bit us on the backside. Huge programs were written where many many functions used many many different bits of state. No part of the state could be changed without changing many parts of the… Continue reading Modeling versus Coding

Master-Signifier and “Objet A”

“When have we passed over into the order of the signifier? The signifier may extend over many of the elements within the domain of the sign. But the signifier is a sign that doesn’t refer to any object, not even to one in the form of a trace, even though the trace nevertheless heralds the… Continue reading Master-Signifier and “Objet A”

What Does it Mean to Own Some “Thing”, Anyway?

” ‪#‎TPP‬ will make it illegal to unlock or jail-break your phone.” Wikileaks – TPP I wonder if the “Internet of Things” advocates realize that they are radically redefining “thing” such that it can no longer be considered “owned”? In the notion of personal property, as opposed to capital, or rentier property, the “thing” is… Continue reading What Does it Mean to Own Some “Thing”, Anyway?

The Problem with Big Data and “Data Scientists”

I’m sure that simply appending the term “scientist” to someone that deals with data makes them feel important, given the almost priestly aura scientists are accorded in this society, along with the priestly incomes for the most part – one would think many scientists had taken the same vow of poverty as Roman Catholic clerics.… Continue reading The Problem with Big Data and “Data Scientists”