Christianity is, on the one hand, “Platonism for the People”, as Nietsche said, creating the idea of a “reality” that lies behind or beyond appearances. It also conceals (and protects) the mythos of currency as substantial and inherently valuable, which is the only justification for the possibility of accumulation (and therefore wealth). Thirdly it jusifies arithmetic and mathematics as revealing something about reality rather than being simply a game with no empirical implications, and thus all modern science. Fourthly it is the basis for the sense of the self as the “interior person” that all modern psychology is based on.

I’m all for exposing Christianity as at root a superstitious way of structuring experience, if those that do so ALSO accept that their notions of reality, economics, science and their sense of self are equally based on nothing more than superstition and must be rethought.

How many so-called “atheists” or “rationalists” are willing to do those things? I suspect not many.


2 thoughts on “Superstitions

    1. Simply, exchange. The operative god is a substantialization of the between the “god” grants within which a relation, and thus an exchange, can take place. This substantialization is currency. Things do not endure, they recur as self-same, which is always slightly different. This change determines what and how they are (recur( as beings.

      Everyone knows the basic question of the meaning of life, reality – it is the question of the chicken and the egg, and the answer is of course neither, since origin, besides never being single is nothing like what it is the origin of .


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