The Basic Superstition of Modern Science

The basic superstition underlying modern science, operative particularly since Descartes, is the idea that reality can be accurately and completely described mathematically. While the monotony of consistent evidence that every mathematical projection proves to be merely approximate the moment more accurate measuring apparatus is devised should be sufficient to demonstrate that the idea is flawed, the… Continue reading The Basic Superstition of Modern Science

Currency and Mythos

If one accepts the posit that western civilization is and always has been essentially greco-roman, then the gods of the greco-roman pantheon are the primordial gods of our civilizations, not the god of the abrahamic religions. The first supreme god of Hellenic civilization was Chaos. Chaos is unrepresentable, not as with later gods such as… Continue reading Currency and Mythos

Are we getting better? Is this really Progress?

There’s a basic assumption that we are getting better, as individuals, as a society, that is so embedded that even to question it is to be radically heretical. Yet as an assumption it’s never actually determined as justifiable, on the pretext that it’s self-evident. Is it though? Do we ever really think about any instances… Continue reading Are we getting better? Is this really Progress?