The God


What is the place

from which presencing

emanates, arises?

From where does it presence?

Only the future.

The unknowable

Yet intimate future

beyond the horizon.

Emanates there,

Into the there

Which we are;

Passes, and in passing

Away, becomes that

Which we have been.

Prophecy is not the art

Of predicting the future

As it will be.

It is the art of predicting

The future’s past,

As it will have been.

And history is prophecy

Only as it has been

Recorded, by the bookkeepers

Of the historical record,

Mnemosynes of the literal,

Which only signifies

What was written.

History is rational;

It is merely the history

Of rationality,

Of what has been

Rather than was.

Of what was recorded

And remains on the balance sheet;

Only so that reason

Can account for it.


The gods have not returned,

They never left.

Were exchanged, traded

And exchanged anew,

The supreme god

For justice;

Justice for its opposite

As Empire.

Empire for a man

Nailed to a cross.

And in that exchange

Concealed, protected

As the god unnoticed,

Though awaited.

And each exchange only has currency

Since it is currency.

Mints in temples

Exchanged for mints as temples.

Metal judged by the touchstone

Or flipped bits that can be flipped back

With equivalent ease.


The debit of reality,

Placed in the future

Is merely a myth.

But so is the other side

Placed In the present,

The credit

That is only

Insofar as it has been,

Only as a recorded trace

Of a trace.

Things do not endure,

Nothing is made to endure,

But to recur anew

Each moment, recur

As self-same

And self-different, which mean

The Same; difference

As change, or exchange.

The trace is not the trace

Of the good

Or of an other good

But only their difference

The god leaves

Only the trace

Of a trace

Of its exchange.


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