Can We Recycle Paleontologists as Street Sweepers? Or Is That Beyond Them?

Actual quotes from a paleontologist, Steve Bruzatte, made THIS YEAR: “In general it is very bird-like, but it’s big, and has these very short arms with full-blown wings.”

““When you see a dinosaur like this that’s pretty big, and has these short arms and bird-like wings, it begs that question: what are wings really for? We used to think pretty much anything that had wings was flying, but that’s not so clear now,”

Excuse me, but have you not noticed the number of big ass feathered bird-like creatures that run around various parts of the world and can’t fly? You know, exotic, rare species like chickens, turkeys and ostriches, Just because stupid zoologists jumped to the conclusion that their ancestors must have been able to fly, with no supporting evidence whatsoever, instead of actually thinking about the problems it might raise, doesn’t make you any less of a fucking idiot.

Any halfways intelligent seven year old should notice the resemblance between a skeleton of a wild turkey and the fossilized traces of skeletons of “dinosaurs” such as the Velociraptor. It wasn’t an extinct reptil, just a big ass carnivorous turkey that lived a long time ago. In fact it was obvious to a halfways intelligent seven year old, the halfways intelligent seven year old I was 40 years ago. I had no idea these idiots still thought that the Jurassic Park dinosaurs were “realistic”, it’s just a movie, not real life. Most 3 year olds know that movies and tv aren’t real. It wouldn’t be anything other than an absurd comedy if big ass turkeys were chasing people around in some messed up version of Disneyworld..

Guess what, you dipshits, dinosaurs never existed, they’re a figment of your halfwit minds. There were plenty of big ass birds, many of which, like big ass birds today, can’t fly. Birds are a genus much more robust, diverse and adaptive than the genus of mammals has ever been. The “great extinction” is itself no more than a myth, birds simply changed. Ex-aptive change cannot be accounted for even when it occurs in your lifetime, much less when it occurred long before there were human beings to account for it.

Below: skeleton of a wild turkey.  Not only not extinct for millions of years, it died a decade ago.  Theer’s plenty more still running around.Wild Turkey Skeleton


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