Identifying as, beingness, and being as Self-Identity and Self-Difference

Throughout the history of metaphysics, being has been known only as beingness, which means that it has hidden itself in what it isn’t. Identification, identifying-as is the last gasp of the old metaphysic where beingness as a static idea determines a being, its essence was what does not change. Hence being was seen as that which purely is its beingness, the most in being, the highest.

The revealing of technology reveals the truth of essence, that it is always transformable, exchangeable, and always transformed anew. In this change there are no invariants, neither human being, thing, real, essence, existence, god nor being itself remain as they were, nor do they remain as they have become, but are always already transformed anew.

“The essence of human being is existence.”, and the truth of essence is exchange. We exist as improvised self-identity through exchange as self-difference, through the ecstatic standing-beside ourselves that changes what we were to what we will be, and in that exchange we constantly become a self. The event of being’s irruption as change, Ereignis, is itself always different and only as different can it be event, rather than monotonous recurrence of the same. We can only remain what we are by changing in response to event, by deciding and remaining in the leap of de-cision, a leap that scythes what will be from what was and can never be returned to, yet allows us to stand for the first time on the soil from which we arose. We retain what has been – the past perfect, only in an improvised way. We cannot bring it along in the leap but have to make do with what we can improvise, with a bricolage of what was.

Being remains the unique, the always unique, and always in a new way. Being acts through time to determine only by changing. And what is changed was always already changed; there is no origin that wasn’t itself already an exchange of what was already changed.


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