Injected, Inspected, Detected, Infected, Neglected and Selected

Too bad we can’t use #neglect as an operand to any M$ API calls …

The Weekly Squeak




If you want to know some cool history of Smalltalk, and perhaps this is a strong argument in actually *being* a Smalltalk and not trying to distance yourself from that rich and lovely heritage…. anyway, here goes:


On 04/28/2014 08:14 PM, Alain Busser wrote:

> Also, Ruby is famous for these methods:

> *select

> *reject

> *collect

> do these names not remind you something 😉 ?


There is a funny story about these verbs. Martin McClure told me at ESUG in Brest to ask Dan Ingalls about it, hinting that they are “inspired”

by a famous song.


And thus I did ask Dan in my interview with him I did a few years back over Skype (it is an interesting interview, for example – was there an inspiration from biology when Smalltalk was created?):


…the song in question…

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