Worried about the NSA?

I think it’s time to point out that the ‘revelations’ by Snowden about the NSA don’t amount to much more than a ‘snow job’ on the public. What do you do if you can’t break decent encryption, can’t really remote into most machines, and most importantly, have no means of intelligently analyzing the masses of data that are being produced, an amount that is growing exponentially?

Answer: make people think you can.

Yes, quantum computers (if ever available) might be able to break certain forms of encryption, but other forms they can’t break are easily available (look up ntru open source).  Not to mention the definition of what makes a computer ‘quantum’ isn’t yet agreed on, and a truly quantum computer suffers from the slight problem that there’s no quantum theory of time, which would make it impossible to figure out how to embed the notion of ‘submit a job, get result later’, since the machine wouldn’t understand ‘later’.

Yes, your computer has an RFID chip, but they would need to be within a meter to access it, and it has so little computing power it can do little more than report its own id. Those chips are how smart cards work, and why you have to wave the card at the reader within generally much less than a meter for them to be read.

If you’re really concerned about your email and IMs to particular people, use http://www.perzo.com and the NSA can’t read what you write. Not that they can sort through the masses of emails and IMs on the major carriers to find anything meaningful, but if you need to be careful, then be more careful.


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