Funny Thing About a Programming Language

I’ve never paid much attention to Python, it just looked like an attempt to combine LISP with Smalltalk, and didn’t succeed at being as good as either. Recently I’ve had to make some changes to code written in Python, mainly due to Cisco router API changes., and I found a funny thing about it. Not only… Continue reading Funny Thing About a Programming Language

What Maven Should Have Been, but Probably Couldn’t Be

I’m not a fan of Maven, more precisely, I’m not a fan of using it as a developer tool.  As a build engineering tool, it’s fine; that’s for build engineers though, not developers. Maven is a package management system, largely for Java though I’ve seen it used for other languages.  Essentially it allows you to… Continue reading What Maven Should Have Been, but Probably Couldn’t Be

An Irony in Software Language Design History

Eclipse builds everything in memory, and does so incrementally after the initial build.  It’s one of the reasons Maven CLI builds take so much longer. It’s what makes Eclipse at least potentially a live object environment, which allows you to test a change usually within seconds of making it.  It’s also what makes Eclipse a multi-gigabyte text editor/file browser,… Continue reading An Irony in Software Language Design History

Quantum Enigma or Quantum Ignorance?

I’ve been reading a book titled “Quantum Enigma” by a couple of physicists attempting to enlighten mere mortals as to the ‘skeleton in the closet’ of physics, the alleged denial of reality inherent in quantum mechanics. I don’t want to go into excruciating detail about the problems the book raises, nor those it fails to… Continue reading Quantum Enigma or Quantum Ignorance?

The Psyche as Threshold

The psyche has always been impossible to grasp, so much so that insofar as psychology is rational, which is to say conceptual, it has been forced to drop the very topic that defines it. As such psychology is in is beginning displaced.  Yet the psyche, as the awareness of the self as such, is indisputably not… Continue reading The Psyche as Threshold

“There Is No Invariant”

(title borrowed from “The Heidegger Change”,  by Catherine Malabou) In the difference between the imaginary and the actual, both of which are also real, the Self as individual occurs and recurs, as modifications of the Self. The membrane between our ontic shared everydayness and individual ontological uncanniness is porous, and itself changes as we pass through… Continue reading “There Is No Invariant”