The Danger of Donald Trump

The danger of someone like Donald Trump is not simply his overt demagoguery and fascism, after all that is the underlying ideal of all the Republican candidates, they’re simply quieter about it. The real danger is that unlike the other Republicans, who are for the most part allied with an economic ideology that is at

The “Red Zone” for Infrastructure and the 2016 U.S. Electiong

The “red zone” is a term used in sports to denote the situation an athlete is in when, due to fatigue, they are at risk of a serious physical failure, usually a nasty injury that takes a long recovery.  Fatigue isn’t limited to human beings, or even just to organisms, however.  Metal fatigue was the

Thoughts on Relation

I wrote in an earlier post that I had no path towards a determination of what relation itself consists in. While that’s true, the reason for it is that relation doesn’t “consist in” anything at all. In thinking about the idea of relation, the initial strangeness of the notion struck me, but what struck me

Why the Basic Model of Neuroscience is Inadequate in Understanding the Increase in Autism Rates

While the basic model of neuroscience – that the neurological system works by sending electrochemical messages, is not incorrect for the most part, it is inadequate in that it fails to account for certain evidential capabilities, evidence that has for the most part come out of technology aided observations by neuroscientists themselves. As in many